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Who We Are

Waliif health care share company was established in May 2016 by business and health professional. Here at Waliif health care share company we believe in hard work, engaging the community for change. Our staff is prepared to act in any way necessary to satisfy our clients. Here at Waliif health care share company we care about your health.

Our Sectors

The Five domains of WHCSC

  • waliif medical equipment wholesaler made legal trade registration and received trade license and officially   established in January 2018.
  • From its establishment up to now the center shows good progress and become well known medical equipment distributor specially in finfinne  and oromia region .
  • Waliif medical equipment importer Made trade based partnership agreements with united poly Engineering pvt. Ltd company from India and the activity is already started.
  • South Korea Company called Gmate was registered in our company name.
  • Gauze products from China Company called yangahozu was registered in our company name.
  • Consumable products called“multisite” was registeredfrom Malayasia Company.

Waliif pharmacy retailer is the first sector that started business  operation among the five sectors under waliif health care share company.

  • Waliif pharmacy wholesaler was legally established in March 9 /2019 around pastor square.

  • It is one of the successful waliif business sectors from its beginning.

  • It is highly promoted in Oromia region and Finfinne in a very short period of time.

We participated in so many tenders and we won some of them.

We received license in  Waliif pharmacy importer and we are looking for company and new product registration.

  • According to our plan of 2019/2011 we had plan to start two diagnostic center one is in Finfinnee around enkulal fabrika and the other out of Finfinne at nekmte city.
  • Waliif internal and pediatrics specialty clinic was established March 2019 at yaka sub city Gurdshola around the back of top ten hotel .

What Our Founder Say

Starting from our establishment we involved in different community voluntarism activities like to give free medical service

"We hosted 1000 families to waliif health science collage at Gimbi Campuses and settled them for more than 8 months until they got back to their previous homes."
"We also participated in different Oromo festival like Irrecha and OLF welcoming ceremony by providing first aid services and these are unforgettable impacts throughout the history."

Head Office Address

Addis Ababa, Lideta Sub City, Awash Building 1st Floor




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