Waliif Pharmaceutical Sector

Waliif pharmacy retailer is the first sector that started business operation among the five sectors under waliif health care share company. Waliif Lideta pharmacy is the first pharmacy established in 2017, then 6kilo ,Bole ,Yohannis ,Hawasa and Waliso pharmacies were established consecutively in 2018. These six retailer pharmacies have been delivering community services and created job opportunities for more than 25 employees .

Waliif pharmacy wholesaler was legally established in March 9 /2019 around pastor square. It is one of the successful waliif business sectors from its beginning and highly promoted in Oromia region and Finfinne in a very short period of time. We participated in so many tenders and we won some of them.

We received license in Waliif pharmacy importer and we are looking for company and new product registration.

  • Medical equipment wholesaler
  • Medical equipment importer
  • Medical equipment maintenance center
  • Medical equipment manufacturing

Waliif Medical Equipment Wholesaler made legal trade registration and received trade license and officially established in January 2018. From its establishment up to now the center shows good progress and become well known medical equipment distributor specially in finfinne and oromia region .

  • Waliif medical equipment importer Made trade based partnership agreements with united poly Engineering pvt. Ltd
  • company from India and the activity is already started.
  • South Korea Company called Gmate was registered in our company name.
  • Gauze products from China Company called yangahozu was registered in our company name.
  • Consumable products called “multisite” was registered from Malayasia Company.

Lideta, Finfinne


6 kilo, Finfinne


Bole, Finfinne